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Training and Awareness
AMINA's training provides lasting value so your organization can meet its compliance requirements with well-informed employees.


AMINA knows that security is a drop in the bucket when it comes to protecting information. Sensitive information safeguarded the best security can be compromised by a single misstep — so it's vital to provide excellent training that makes it easy for non-technical executives, managers, and staff to handle and safeguard data correctly, consistently, and confidently.

Providing effective training also sends a strong message that upper-level management views information privacy and security as a top business priority.

Through online programs and private, on-site classes that decipher complex technical and legal issues, the AMINA training option you choose will ensure that you and your staff receive the best quality training from leading experts, at a fair rate, with excellent value for your investment. Our track record shows that we deliver on all of these objectives.

Turnkey: Prepackaged training solutions that are ready to go. All workshops contain the latest updates, examples, issues and trends. Learn more about turnkey courses.

Tailored: Courses and workshops can be branded, and organization-specific content can be added to enhance the content. Learn more about tailored courses.

Customized: Our offerings can be tailored to meet your organization's specific needs and give particular relevance to the learning. Learn more about customized courses.

As you evaluate AMINA's offerings and those from other providers, remember that AMINA's courses focus on practical skills, knowledge and understanding. Then contact us to discuss your requirements.

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