Privacy and Data Protection Specialists
connecting the dots that others don't even see

We use the right words
   to say the right things
      to the right people
         at the right time

As systems and data flows grow, so too does the need to document what you do — clearly and concisely —  to mitigate risk and meet legislated obligations.

At AMINA we know how challenging it can be to find the right words. We also know that writing policies requires very specialized skills to be able to do it right.

We know how to do it, and we do it right.

AMINA designs well-written policies that increase the privacy and security of your information assets and improve your compliance record.

AMINA has liberated private companies, governments, public bodies and health care organizations across Canada by...

  • Developing policies and frameworks that make sense.
  • Writing clear, workable, and effective policies.
  • Documenting supporting procedures.
  • Improving compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

We bring a wealth of policy-writing expertise, honed over many years — which makes the policy development process refreshingly quick and remarkably affordable.

To find out how to take your audits from recommendation to reality, contact us for a sensible chat. Not a hard sell or empty promises.