Join the governments and companies that already trust us to guide them to be compliant.

You've put your expertise to work to build an organization that meets specific objectives. But how to comply with privacy legislation is not part of your expertise. That's why it makes sense to call in specialists.

AMINA's expertise is privacy and data protection. And we have decades of experience assessing processes, systems, technologies, policies, and programs to identify the impact upon privacy that might occur from their design and implementation.

Privacy Impact Assessments — PIAs — are required or recommended across Canadian jurisdictions. Data Protection Impact Assessments — dPIAs — are required under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Call them what you will, PIAs are now a fact of life. They are the international standard for identifying privacy risks and facilitating compliance with privacy laws. And they can help build your competitive advantage.

But not all PIAs are the same. And if you're looking for a check-list PIA, you won't find it at AMINA.

Privacy by Design principles are the global standard for ensuring processes, products, and systems are privacy compliant.

Our PIAs provide the insight, perspective, and details that ensure can be built in at the outset. And our President — a Privacy by Design Ambassador who co-wrote the National Core Competency Standards for privacy practitioners in Canada and is a member of the Standards Council of Canada's GDPR Advisory Committee —  oversees every PIA.

The AMINA Difference. AMINA's comprehensive PIAs explore benefits and risks, with evidence-based results and realistic recommendations so your organization can make well-informed decisions and comply with legislated and regulatory data protection requirements.

We also have the experience and imagination to be able to provide detailed PIAs on the requirements that will be used to create your RFP, to ensure that privacy is built in, by design.

In less time than it takes many other organizations to complete a check-list PIA, we identify and report on immediate, long-term, and unintended impacts that projects, processes, technologies, and initiatives can have on data privacy, on your ability to safeguard sensitive information, and your compliance.

To discover how we can help you reduce risk, increase compliance, and improve customer confidence and shareholder value, review our services and then contact us.