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Compliance Consulting
Establish your competitive advantage by identifying and mitigating data risks that conspire to undermine corporate strategies, customer confidence, and shareholder value.

Privacy Impact Assessments — PIAs — are required or recommended across Canadian jurisdictions, and are the international standard for identifying privacy risks and evaluating compliance with privacy laws. New global requirements make PIAs a fact of life in Canadian public and private sector organizations.

If you're looking for a check-list PIA, you won't find it at AMINA.

AMINA's comprehensive PIAs explore benefits and risks, with evidence-based results and realistic recommendations for improvement.

We identify immediate, long-term, and unintended impacts that projects, processes, technologies, and initiatives can have on your data privacy, and on your ability to safeguard information today and to access it in the future.

Taking a comprehensive approach is what makes AMINA's PIAs readily relevant to public bodies and private organizations so that clients can have confidence that a single detailed PIA will let them meet the highest possible criteria.

AMINA assessments help ensure that Privacy by Design principles can be built in at the outset, rather than as an afterthought. And our President is a Privacy by Design Ambassador who can help guide you through the process.

Compliance Assessments enable your organization to comply with legislated and regulatory data protection requirements.

Access Impact Assessments are the flip-side of PIAs and are equally necessary to ensure that your organization will be able to respond to Freedom of Information requests and Access to Information requests within the time limited by law.

AMINA brings decades of experience assessing business processes, computer systems, technologies, and programs to identify the impact upon privacy that might occur from their design and implementation.

To discover how we can help you reduce risk and increase compliance and stakeholder loyalty, review our services and then contact us.

Privacy and Data Protection Specialists
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