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Most Popular Courses
AMINA's courses include case studies and hands-on, practical exercises to impart relevant and lasting knowledge.


Privacy Awareness for Data Managers. As society, governments and corporations gather and mine detailed information, many modern systems and appliances distribute information widely. Privacy Awareness training takes a non-technical, real life, and common sense approach to demystify emerging technologies as well as legislative and operational complexities of data protection.

Privacy Awareness builds understanding about the Internet of Things and Big Data that will enable employees to recognize and protect sensitive information, and thereby assure compliance with corporate and legislated data governance requirements.

Privacy by Design. Learn how to meet this important international standard, and how to use it as a business differentiator. Privacy by Design helps executives, managers and technologists understand the relevance of the PbD Foundations, and how to implement them to provide Private by Design applications, systems, and processes.
Data Protection Policies: A Common-Sense Primer. Understand legal and business reasons for developing comprehensive and effective policies. Discover pitfalls to avoid and strategies to increase cyber-risk awareness while working within the real constraints of time, money and resources. Participants will have an opportunity to bring their own policies and questions to the session for discussion, and to put their learning into practice as they draft a policy from scratch.

Social Media in the Workplace: The Good, The Bad, and The Bizarre. Productivity is often the first casualty when employees update their Facebook pages, Tweet, and blog while they are at work. Social networking has become a familiar way of communicating — but the convenience also presents a significant risk to organizations. Personal remarks posted online can damage your company’s reputation, devastate personal reputations, and result in data breaches of personal and confidential information.

Participants come away from this seminar knowing how to recognize and manage social media risks to protect business and respect privacy.

Mobile Data Security: Protecting Data On The Move. Business travelers and remote workers carry and transmit vast amount of sensitive data, including private and corporate confidential information. In airports, hotels, and client sites, they often rely on third party services to stay connected and carry out business. The data entrusted to them by customers and stakeholders can be at risk while it’s on the move.

This half-day course will help individuals and organizations understand the risks to data that’s transported and transmitted outside of the office. Attendees will learn practical strategies and common sense ways to safeguard mobile devices and data while getting business done on the move.

Identity Theft: Let's Be Frank. Understand the nature, costs, and consequences of identity theft — from both a corporate and personal perspective. Learn how it happens, who are the likeliest victims, and how to avoid becoming a target. Participants will be able to analyze evidence gathered from identity theft cases investigated by police across Canada, and understand the international cybercrime connections that are a vital part of identity theft.

Every AMINA course can be tailored or customized so that they are particularly relevant to your organization, your industry, and your personnel.

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