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Our Approach
AMINA's refreshingly pragmatic approach gratifies some people and surprises many more.

AMINA is Canada's leading independent consultancy specializing in data protection, privacy, and information risk management.

AMINA helps clients meet data privacy, access and information governance requirements in ways that technology simply cannot. That's why corporate and government clients across North America look to AMINA for clear guidance to comply with legislated and regulatory data governance requirements.

Size matters. At AMINA we're big on experience, so we can provide the expertise of a large firm but with uncommon efficiency and affordability. And our goal is to provide each client with knowledge, ability, experience, value and excellence above all.

AMINA’s size, agility and resources ensure a flexible approach to providing clients with responsive and cost-efficient solutions seldom available from larger consulting companies. AMINA’s inherent efficiencies result in significant value and cost savings to clients.

What we do matters. AMINA's dedicated professionals take an approach that's novel among consultancies: It's pragmatic, realistic, affordable and workable. And it's based on decades of trusted, ethical and impartial services.

By paying attention to the details and understanding the big picture, AMINA has achieved an impressive history of effectiveness.

What we don't do also matters. We don't talk in riddles or use corporate bafflegab. We don't have inflated egos. We don't have layers of administration. And we don't schedule meetings to discuss scheduling a meeting. That's a waste of energy, time and resources —  yours and ours.

We don't play time-wasting games because we have more important things to do.... like help our clients reach their goals.

To discover how we can help you reduce risk and increase compliance and stakeholder loyalty, review our services and then contact us so we can have a conversation. No hard sell. No obligation. Just a friendly chat to see what it would feel like to work together.


Privacy and Data Protection Specialists
Connecting the dots that others don't even see