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AMINA is a proud sponsor of the PACC National Privacy & Data Governance Congress




Shine in the spotlight for all the right reasons

Ensuring your organization can meet privacy expectations of customers and regulators is more important now than ever.

That's where AMINA excels.

AMINA helps organizations comply with governing privacy and access laws through proven, pragmatic, affordable solutions delivered by consultants with decades of real-world experience.

We bring decades of experience helping corporate and government clients achieve successful privacy, access, and information risk compliance outcomes.

AMINA's refreshing approach surprises many, and pleases many more because it is based on real-life experience, it works, and it works very well. And it can work for you and your organization too. Contact us today to find out how.


Throughout the last three decades, AMINA has consistently delivered quality results on budget and on time. Our principals and are lawyers with solid practice backgrounds and deep technology experience spanning three decades. And we’re also nice people you will enjoy working with.

We share our knowledge through our publications, advisory services and public speaking.

AMINA gives back to the community through its support of the Privacy and Access Council of Canada, the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association, and other worthy endeavors that speak to the fundamental rights and freedoms that are served by data access and privacy.

Our President is a Privacy by Design Ambassador who is frequently sought by media and conference organizers to discuss the privacy implications and unintended consequences of emerging laws, technologies and global trends.

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